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The purpose of a dress code is not to inhibit any person's taste, but rather it is to facilitate the process of education through reasonable guidelines, which instill dignity and pride. School is the students' workplace. Within this environment, we must promote respect, safety, modesty and cleanliness. FCMS relies on the good decision- making and judgment of our parents to help students make appropriate choices of clothing in order to promote a good learning environment.

The following dress code standards are in place and must be followed.

  1. All pants must be worn with the waistband above the upper curve of the buttocks. Pants should not be sagging below the waist. With sagging pants, undergarments (underwear) could be visible. Undergarments should never be visible. Adults will not make a decision about whether an article of clothing is underwear or not. If an item is "under" the outer layer of clothing, then the item is underwear.

  2. All garments must cover the midriff (stomach). Back, and chest areas.

  3. Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be at least at long as the longest finger, all the way around the entire bottom of the garment (mid-thigh), when the shoulders are relaxed and arms held straight down by the student's side. Skirts worn with leggings or tights underneath must also follow the rule.

  4. Nike/Umbro type shorts will be allowed if the front and the back of the shorts meet the requirements in #3 above AND the arched part of the shorts on the side are not arched so high that the bottom of the arch touches the student's palm when the shoulders are relaxed and arms held straight down by the students side.

  5. Pants with holes, distressed material, frayed material, etc. must be either patched or have clothing worn underneath so that skin or undergarments may not be seen. There is to be absolutely no holes distressed material, frayed material, etc. in the private area (buttocks or groin) regardless of whether the hole, distressed material, frayed material, etc. is patched or there is something worn under the holes.

  6. See-through, lace, and mesh clothing must be worn with a modest, full-length, 2-finger tank top underneath. All other tanks and shirts should be at least 3 fingertips in width at the shoulder and should stay in place at all times (no off the shoulder shirts).

  7. Shirts that have large armholes, which could allow the chest area to be viewed, are not permitted.

  8. Shoes must be worn at all times as the manufacturer intended (tied, buckled, etc.). Shoes cannot have wheels or lights included.

Since some types of clothing do not encourage students to be aware of the aforementioned goals, the following types of clothing are prohibited at Franklin County Middle School:

  • Leggings and jeggings, unless covered by jeans, shorts, skirts, or dresses that meet the dress code (see #3, #4 and #5 above).

  • Pajamas, robes, blankets, or bedroom shoes of any type

  • Hats, visors, hoods, head garments, hair picks, or combs

  • Garments and jewelry that display emblems relating to sex, drugs, weapons, obscenities, gang membership which includes confederate flags, and/or abusive substances, such as tobacco, drugs, alcohol products, or anything deemed inappropriate or disruptive by the administration

  • Face paint or markings on the face with pencils, pens, or markers.

    Students must comply or parents will be called to bring more clothes or to pick up the student. If a parent/guardian is unable to be reached, the school may provide an alternative outfit (when available) or provide a seat for the student in ISS until the parent can be reached. Consequences will be administered to students who repeatedly violate this policy.