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Survival Skills Outside of School
Sentence Types

Short and sweet.  Quick read with examples about the four ways to write sentences.

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For all your classes (but you know mine is the best!)

Do YOU Know What You Need?
LD Self-advocacy Manual

This is the best resource I have ever seen for walking students through the ins and outs of learning disabilities.  The author investigates how we process information and how students can make sure they are getting information in the best possible ways for them!  Check it out!

Smartboard Viewer

To view Smartnotes presentations at home on your own computer, you need to download a viewer.  Click the link, then scroll down to SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer Software.  Choose your system (Windows or Mac), then download.  Now, all our presentations can be accessed and reviewed at home!

Assignments and Due Dates
Eighth-grade Calendar

Welcome to the Eighth-grade Calendar where all your due dates come true.