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Supply List 

6th Grade Supply List  2018-2019


Donations: Teachers always need Kleenex, Germ-X, and Clorox wipes. We also need gallon and quart size zip lock bags. Donations may be given to your child’s Pride teacher. Thanks!

**All students need a pair of earphones/ear buds that can be kept at school.**



-3-ring binder notebook (You can ELA section of the one binder that has ELA, SS, and science in one notebook).

-Notebook paper (College-rule)

-#2 pencils


-1 3-subject spiral bound notebook (writing)

-1 regular spiral bound notebook (reading)

-2 3-pronged PLASTIC folders with pockets (Any 2 different colors—1 for reading and 1 for writing)

-1 pack of sticky notes/Post-it-notes

-1 box of gallon size zip lock bags



-1 one-subject spiral notebook for a science journal
-3-ring binder notebook or a section in a 3-ring binder notebook for science
-Colored pencils or crayons






-1 1/2 to 2 inch SEPARATE Math Notebook (Math needs a separate notebook just for math class. You can use one notebook with dividers for English, Science, and Social Studies.)

 -Cap erasers

 -Colored pencils


-Pencil pouch for binder

-1 large pink eraser

-5-count divider pack 


Social Studies:

-Section in 3-ring binder notebook (Mrs. Grizzle & Mrs. Thomas)
-Colored pencils


 -Spiral Notebook (Mrs. Burtt’s Class)




-Spiral bound notebook