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Amy Ginn Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
8th Grade Science , 8th Grade Social Studies


A.A. Emmanuel College

B.S.ED Middle Grades (Science Major, Social Studies Minor) - UGA

M.Ed.Early Childhood -  Piedmont College

Speciaist Degree in Curriculum and Instruction -  Piedmont College 


Advertising Design - Royston News Leader

Teacher's Assistant - Athens Academy

Retail/Tutoring - Discovery Unlimited (Apple Computer Store) - Athens, GA

Long-term Substitute - Franklin County High School  - Language Arts

5th Grade Teacher - Comer Elemtary

7th Grade Teached - Madison County Middle School

5th Grade Teacher - Royston Elementary School

7th/8th Grade Teacher - Franklin County Middle School


My name is Amy Ginn and I teach Eighth Science and Language Arts.  When I first started teaching, my good friend and I decided we would give it five years and then move on to something bigger and better.  We had no idea what we were getting into.  Now, twenty-three years and thousands of kids later,  I do believe I stayed in the right profession.  And I am pretty sure she would say the same.  There are very few places I can go without seeing a familiar face or hearing a friendly voice saying, "Hi Mrs. Ginn!  Do you remember me?"  And...most of the time, I do!"  It's pretty heart-warming when these kids who are all grown up still remember me.  

I am very happily married and we have two beautiful daughters.  I feel honored to teach in the same school system from which my husband and I both graduated.  What's really cool is cheering along with our daughters for the same team we cheered for years ago.  

It has been quite a ride so far, and I have seen so many different perspectives on life from each new generation.  I guess my favorite part of teaching is really getting to know my kids, how they think, what they love and hate, and what thier hopes and dreams are for the future.  This relationship makes such a difference in how they learn and benefits me as well. It has been a very successful teaching stategy and in many ways a personal blessing.  So, despite my initial ideas of what being a teacher really was, I will continue to move on to something bigger and better right inside my classroom, as each new group of kids brings innovative and interesting ways to see life, and we continue to learn together!