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Wendy Reddicks Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
7th Grade Science


Some of the schools that I have attended are UGA in Athens, Brenau University in Gainesville, Lanier Tech within Flowerybranch as well as Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs. Currently I have a BS in Middle School Education with a primary focus in Math, Reading and Science.


Welcome aboard!

          Here is a little peek at who I am.

Some of the things that are important to me are my spiritual life, my family and my friends. I have two daughters: Aneesha and Jasmyn Reddicks. I thank God for both of them. They are my joy. Aneesha has left for college again and Jasmyn is a senior in Franklin county schools this year. I am also blessed to have a mother  (Betty Butler) who lives nearby. She is our rock. My uncle (Kenneth Jones)is also a big part of our lives and I thank God for him also.  We also have a host of other relatives nearby which I am very grateful.

Before I became a teacher at the middle school, I was blessed to be a preschool teacher. This was my first real step to becoming a teacher. Before this I had always tutored math. I loved the one on one sessions that gave me time to really get to know the person and what their needs were mathematically. As a preschool teacher we were required to perform some of the same task such as lesson plans  ect.  The kids were wonderful. I was blessed with three year olds who learned how to add and subtract verbally using a "goody chart" . They loved knowing when their next prize was coming. The since of achievement and being able to monitor it themselves was wonderful.

Later I went on to become a girl scout leader. It was wonderful. We began with a handful of girls but in no time our numbers outgrew our abilities and we needed another leader to join our group in order to gain more brownies. I loved working with the kids. On one of our events, the brownies planned and designed individual stores (prices, staff, hours, layout ect...) It went on to become a day at the "mall" - our mall in which older troops came in as customers. In the end we talked about the profits, benefits and drawbacks of being a small business owner. It's amazing what someone so young can come up with when given the chance.

I love working with kids. One of the biggest joys that I find is when they gain insights into what we are working on. It is that "aha" moment that drives me. I love seeing people reach for their goals and learning to believe in themselves. One of the things that I have learned from my students is that a lot of people are a lot better in a subject than they give themselves credit for. It's all about learning to present the information in a manner that is accessible for them. No two people are exactly alike. Neither will they learn in the same way. Sometimes it's all about identifying what works best for you. Do you learn better by listening to it in a song, using your hands, seeing it being done, hearing someone talking , writing it down,or  saying it yourself. These are just some of the ways. You might find out that you are a wonderful combination of some of these. I am a combination person.

In my free time, I love music and art. I am also a big nature lover. My dogs are the other part of my family (Gizzy and Candy).

Well that's it for now.

See you soon!