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Erin Schyck Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
8th Grade Language Arts


     While I was mostly educated in the School of Hard Knocks,  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Drafting and Design with many undergraduate classes in art and education from Murray State University in Kentucky.  I loved college so much that I kept at it!  Upon moving to Georgia, I became an official teacher through the University of Georgia, and then received my Masters in Special Education from Piedmont College.  I have also participated in certification programs to become a Reading specialist, English as a Second Language specialist, and a Kansas Learning Strategies specialist (specifically writing strategies).  I am excited to continue to grow in my own education as my students challenge me with their own unique voices and styles.


     Franklin County is my teaching home; I could not think of a better place to grow as an educator than right here!  I began teaching various and sundry grades at Royston Elementary in 2004.  Mrs. Till took a big chance on a young, loud, but very enthusiastic person, and I will never forget it.  Then, in 2007, I was allowed the honor of moving to the middle school.  I love it here at FCMS and am always eager to see what my students teach me.


Welcome to room 817

When you enter this room you are. . .…

       an adventurer

              an explorer

                     a writer,

                         a mathematician,

                              a historian,

                                  and a scientist.

                                       You are a friend.


When you enter this room You are. . .





                                   and needed.

                                          You are the reason I am here.


In this classroom we. . .



                     make mistakes

                            make first impressions

                                   make lasting impressions

                                          and give second, third, and fourth chances.


In this classroom we. . .

       think hard

              ask questions

                     DISCOVER answers

                            are patient

                                   respect each other

                                          respect ourselves

                                                 and stay curious.


Together we learn, grow, and love like no other beings in the universe.

We keep and belong to each other on this great ride of life.

Get ready and hang tight to each other; great escapades await.