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Andrea Antepenko Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
7th Grade Language Arts


I received my undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems from Florida State University where I originally went to study music.  My favorite music memories are from marching with the 300+ member Marching Chiefs; if you've ever watched a FSU football game, you know the marching band for that famous war chant.  I even got to perform in a Super Bowl half time show with the FSU Marching Chiefs!

2007  - Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Oglethorpe University 

2012  - Education Specialist degree from Piedmont University


My first formal experience as a teacher was in a corporate environment, where I worked in many capacities including computer programmer, project manager, and corporate trainer.  I was in the 'corporate world' for almost 20 years before I switched careers to teaching.  During my prior career and my time as a mother to 3 boys, I've acquired teaching experience from my own professional and personal experience that makes me a better teacher to middle school students;  I've taught:

  • girl and boy scouts the skills they needed to acquire their next ranks.
  • my own kids the skills they needed for whatever their current ages demanded.
  • adults in my job the skills they needed to use the computer software I wrote or helped design and deliver.  

These skills included everything ranging from how to do a task to how to respond to authority.  Looking back, I realize now that most experiences in my life have prepared me for becoming a teacher.

I taught 5th grade for 3 years, and this year is my 7th year teaching 7th grade.   

My teaching philosophy is that all kids are special, all kids are gifted, and all kids can learn.  My job is to facilitate learning however students learn best.  Some days, I feel more like a coach or a band director than a teacher.  Other days I feel like a mom or a counselor to my middle school students!  However and whatever we learn, we will work together - teachers and students - on the journey and learn from each other.  Together we will think, work, discuss, write, explore, read, observe, and practice; through these processes, we will learn our required academic standards and grow as people in other essential ways.


This is the 28th year I've been married to my best friend, Mike. We have 3 boys:

  • Eric - graduated in December from UGA with a double major in Music Performance (clarinet) and Biology
  • Chris - college student at Kennesaw State University in Marietta majoring in Computer Science
  • Greg - senior at Stephens County High School  

My insiration and motivation come from nature; Mike and I love to hike.  We like to exlore North Georiga, Upstate South Carolina, and North Carolina on our weekends.