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Akin, Kelly Principal
Wilder, CJ Assistant Principal
Maxwell, Tom Assistant Principal
Hart, Tina Counselor
Tollison, Jenny Counselor
Beatenbough, Thesa Academic Coach
Osborne, Dawn Academic Coach and Testing Coordinator

Oliver, Mackenzie Special Education
Adams, Rachel 8th Grade
Adcox, Yvonne Special Education
Almond, Andy 7th Grade
Almond, Zach 8th Grade
Andrews, Renee Technology Specialist
Antepenko, Andrea Special Education
Austin, Kevin 7th Grade
Blanton, John Health Education
Brannen, Lisa Special Education
Breedlove, Cher Media Specialist
Burtt, Virginia 6th Grade
Callahan, Randy 8th Grade
Cheek, Amy 7th Grade
Cobb, Mary 8th Grade
Davis, Shannon 6th Grade
Dove, Brandon School Resource Officer
Elo, Heather Technology & Engineering
Faucher, Elizabeth 7th Grade
Fulbright, Joni Business Education
Fulbright, Kimberlee 6th Grade
Gailey, Lane Career Discovery
Gaines, Neal 8th Grade
Gilbert, Julie 6th Grade
Ginn, Amy 8th Grade
Green, Tony 8th Grade
Grizzle, Keely 6th Grade
Guest, Elyse Special Education
Hammond, Ashley 6th Grade
Hamner, Mark 7th Grade
Hamner, Sarah Anne 8th Grade
Hart, Amanda Special Education
Hart, Tina Counselor
Holcomb, Joy 7th Grade
Holcombe, Janice School Nurse
Holland, Chuck 8th Grade
Justice, Marvin Physical Education
Kilgore, Meredith 8th Grade
Maffett, Brad Band/Chorus
Phillips, Ryan Special Education
Phillips, Shawna 7th Grade
Phillips, Victoria Visual Arts
Ream, Megan Physical Education
Reddicks, Wendy 7th Grade
Rose, Gary 7th Grade
Schyck, Erin 8th Grade
Smith, Jeremy Special Education
Smith, Lynn 6th Grade
South, Lee Special Education
Strickland, Beth 6th Grade
Sullivan, Ronda Special Education
Tanner, Sonja 7th Grade
Teal, Barrett Reading Connect
Thomas, Amy 6th Grade
Voyles, Patsy Math Connect
Watkins, Anna AG Education
Weaver, Greg 8th Grade
Westbrook, Melanie 7th Grade
Whitworth, Sandy Special Education

Andrews, Renee Technology Specialist
Black, Tami Administrative Assistant
Breedlove, Cher Media Specialist
Brown, Rithea Paraprofessional
Cheek, Tiphanie Secretary
Dove, Brandon School Resource Officer
Farmer, Daphne Secretary
Grant, Jeremiah Paraprofessional
Grizzell, Bettie Paraprofessional
Holcombe, Janice School Nurse
Jacques, Christy Parapro
Jerome, Kim Bookkeeper
Nash, Kim Secretary
O'Kelley, Lindsey Paraprofessional
Roach, Susan Paraprofessional
Smith, Tinna Paraprofessional
Sutton, Mandi Parapro
Vaughn, Marley Parapro
Witherell, Malinda Paraprofessional